the getalit range of worktops

Offering extraordinary stability, superb finish and an extensive range of decors and sizes, Getalit are leaders in laminate worktop manufacturing.

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a range of stunning European

decors and effects

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38 mm chipboard type P2 to DIN EN 312, face side and front edge faced with 0.7 mm GetaLit (HPL), front (and back) edge postformed - radius 7 mm, reverse side and rear edge protected with moisture-resistant paper foil. Water-tight resin seal at joint along front edge.

Product Guarantee

Differences in quality are hardly to be recognized at a glance. Getalit worktops distinguish themselves via their ambitious quality features. Getalit is a top-quality High Pressure Laminate (HPL) with outstanding properties. The Getalit surfaces which are produced under heat and high pressure are especially resistant to stains and scratches, hence withstanding every day's wear and tear in a kitchen and offering security on a very high level. Our 10-year-warranty on these quality properties of Getalit surfaces which are defined under DIN EN 438 stand for this.